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Our approach to your needs

Selling or buying a property, as well as renting it is not simply an economic transaction or a bureaucratic activity, but requires knowledge of the real estate market, the area in which the property is located and the accessible services, the regulations in force, tax opportunities and many other factors.

Whether you are selling or renting a property or you are looking for it, our collaborators are at your disposal with competence and professionalism to identify the best solutions that meet your needs.


For sellers

CPS For SellersDo you want your home to be rightly valued?
We put at your disposal over thirty years of successful experience.

We know the real estate market very well, its objective reality as well as the forecasts of its future development.

We know the different types of potential buyers to whom we can direct a proposal tailored to their needs and expectations.

During a first interview we will have collected with you the essential information to direct the sale to the right people to visit your property and having everything you need to conduct quick and effective negotiations.

In addition to our site, we use other communication channels to promote the sale of your property in the shortest possible time.

If necessary, we will be able to independently find all the documentation necessary to conclude the sales negotiation.


For renters

CPS For RentersOur professionals are here to help you find the right tenant for your home, to make you feel comfortable and safe.

In addition to knowing the opportunities that an area can offer, it is important to be able to offer the property to the right people who can demonstrate real reliability.

We select potential tenants by evaluating their references.

We will keep you informed of any significant contact.

We will conduct a first negotiation and, if authorized by you, we will be able to conclude it.


For buyers

CPS For BuyersAre you looking for your home in a quiet area, close to schools or in a neighborhood full of attractions?
We help you find it.

After an initial interview we will be able to direct you to properties located in those areas able to offer you the services you need.

And if you are looking for a property to buy, we have over thirty years of experience in the real estate market and are therefore able to offer you solutions in line with the development potential in a given area.