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Domus 2000 is born in Milan (Italy) 1989-09
Canarias Property Solutions (CPS) is born 2020-06
CPS opens its headquarters in Mogan, in the Canary Islands 2020-09
Launch 2020-12
2021 is operational 2021-01
CPS is operational 2021-02

Canarias Property Solutions is well known in the national and international Real Estate Market for its competence and professional preparation, for the high level of services offered, for the dedication of its collaborators; all always in compliance with those precise parameters of transparency and honesty in relations with customers that constitute the foundation and guide.

CPS has over 30 years of experience behind it. It was born in Italy, in Milan, but soon started collaborations in other countries as well. Since 2020 it has also been operating with its own headquarters in the Canary Islands.

The future

CPS Real Estate MarketCanarias Property Solutions is convinced that tomorrow must be built today!

The collaborators of CPS are constantly and jointly aimed at grasping every signal coming from the Real Estate Market, in order to innovate and expand their working methods, marketing techniques, opportunities management systems in order to maintain their professional horizon updated with respect to the Market and its needs, to always be "in real time" close to anyone who comes to us.

The future also includes today's challenge which consists in offering anyone who has a need, interest, or even simple curiosity about the Real Estate Market, the opportunity to contact us to check if everything previously stated about our Company is appropriate and real. confirmation in the facts!

The philosophy

The long years of experience, the work done and the excellent results obtained are the proof and guarantee of the professionalism and quality of Canarias Property Solutions.

Based on past experiences and, in the context of a philosophy of continuous innovation and enrichment of its cultural and professional heritage, Canarias Property Solutions has never stopped thinking about the future.

For this purpose it has created a staff of expert collaborators, has constantly developed new real estate brokerage strategies, has made its relationship with customers and the Market simple and immediate.

Being the subject of pure real estate brokerage was not enough for Canarias Property Solutions which saw in this role of "traditional real estate agency" a limit to its development and a role of taxable person not completely able to satisfy and guarantee its customers.

In this regard, we have set up a company division that looks for real estate transactions to be carried out, submits them to urban planning, technical, feasibility and economic analyzes and assessments, then proposing them to a group of primary Operators with whom it has consolidated collaborative relationships, subsequently participating in all phases of design, definition of the technical characteristics, the implementation of the operation and the placement of the real estate units with the final customer.

CPS Real Estate BrokerThe real estate investor Market has not been neglected, regardless of their economic size and assigning the same regard to the investment made by the private sector with a view to diversifying their savings as well as that of the financial / real estate company; hence a sector that, on the one hand, deals with renting and managing small real estate units on behalf of private investors and, on the other, finds, evaluates and also offers entire income-generating complexes.

The Mission

The company's primary goal is to meet customer needs, especially in a competitive context such as today, where the path to success must be represented by the search for quality.

The role that we try to represent in the Real Estate Market is that of a qualified and professional partner who can prove useful if not fundamental for the optimization of transactions, allowing the parties to buy and sell safely and peacefully.

Raising the real estate brokerage service, researching and developing innovative services that are increasingly targeted and complete, this is our strength.

The company goal is to achieve a safe purchase with serenity, offering flexible, functional and personalized services, designed to make real estate transactions transparent. We have also specialized in both residential and commercial real estate leases, providing advice to various law firms in the real estate field.

We carry out evaluations, and thanks to the collaboration with notary and professional firms, we are able to provide a complete service in every aspect, both bureaucratic and purely technical.

Our structure uses state-of-the-art IT and telematic means and at our headquarters we can carry out cadastral surveys, map extracts and mortgage inspections. The website is constantly monitored and updated from which it is possible, in real time, to provide the customer with all the information, photos and descriptions of a property of interest and via an e-mail box it is possible to send a request to which we will reply. definitely quick.