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Agenti CPSSurely you have sometimes wondered what a real estate agent does. Generally it is thought that it is simply concerned with selling and renting houses, but the truth is that it does many fundamental things so that the negotiations between buyers, sellers, tenants and renters are successful and on the best terms for all.

We carry out multiple activities on a daily basis: we carry out property searches, prepare sale and rental announcements, deal with real estate Marketing and promotion of advertisements, make estimates of the Market value of properties, receive and evaluate offers from potential buyers, take care of aspects bureaucratic, financial and contractual transactions related to the purchase, sale and rental of real estate, land and properties, we follow customers in all phases of the sale negotiation, we offer professional advice and support for all matters relating to the real estate Market.

That of the real estate agent is therefore a work in close contact with people: we must know both the participants in the transaction in order to propose the most advantageous solution for everyone, we personally meet the possible buyers, we visit the property with them, describing its characteristics and merits.

We spend a lot of time on the phone

Let's say 20 phone calls arrive for each advertisement and these calls result in 10 visits to the house. This means always having a certain degree of availability. But not only. We keep in constant contact with other real estate agents to find out which properties they have for sale and look for the property that responds to specific requests (property finder).

We are constantly looking for potential owners

We spend a couple of hours a day looking for potential owners, and since the flow of owners into the real estate world is very fast, we have to constantly renew the shared lists. Sometimes the process of finding owners to meet customer requests can be very lengthy.CPS Analisi del Mercato

Let's analyze the Market

This is fundamental to be able to define the real value of a property for sale or to understand if a possible purchase is a good choice. We explain to a customer how to manage offers and how to possibly make counter-proposals is very important, as it allows you to shorten the negotiation time.



We ALWAYS do an inspection of the properties

Agenti Canarias Property SolutionsThere is nothing like personally viewing a property, which is why we visit the houses before examining them. But it's not just a physical check. We also take care to verify that there are no hidden debts or irregularities that could create problems.

We invest in marketing

In addition to not making money until the negotiation is successful, we invest money and time in marketing: photographic images, videos, magazines, traditional and online advertising, posters, flyers. We also invest in home staging so that the property looks its best and the sales times are reduced.

We participate in training courses

We need to know sectors such as tax, legal and economic. We must know how to improve and enhance the photographic and video material of the property. We need to know sales techniques. To be able to do all this we participate in training courses.

We verify loans and mortgages

In addition to assisting buyers in obtaining the best mortgages, we are ready to clarify any doubts relating to financing.

We check the entire process

We are aware of the whole buying and selling process and we verify that everything is carried out in accordance with the law. Not all trading operations are easily accomplished and sometimes difficulties arise. We will act as a kind of shield.

We put you at ease

Agenti CPSNot only do we undertake to help the customer in the purchase or sale of the property, but we make sure that the whole process is as less stressful as possible.