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With the COVID-19 pandemic, there is growing interest in single-family homes in peripheral areas, but still full of personal services.

More and more people are deciding to leave their apartment in the center of the capital and move to residential areas on the outskirts or to small towns about 20 or 30 kilometers from the city. However, the research is aimed at areas rich in personal services, schools, shopping centers, cultural spaces such as clubs and libraries. Furthermore, more and more are those who are looking for homes with a garden, a swimming pool and more space to live their daily lives.

With COVID-19 habits have changed in sharing their common spaces as well as the local community itself. Greater attention to the value of sociality, but with an equally greater attention to the overall quality of life. This means that you are no longer looking for a house that is "close to everything", but that allows you to always use essential and person-oriented services, while still being able to count on the vicinity of the major centers for real entertainment.

A change of course that has already occurred in the past, but which has been significantly accentuated in this period due to the protraction of the pandemic. If the real estate market has suffered a contraction in the big cities, it has shown signs of recovery in the smaller towns.